More About Mike

Business Insight and Strategic Effectiveness

Through his extensive and diverse experience, Mike Vlasic has developed highly effective business and investing approaches that consistently deliver real-world success. His ability to address complex challenges, envision effective solutions and present optimal courses of action with clarity and conviction have significantly benefited an array of business, investment and nonprofit organizations.

Track Record of Success in Diverse Roles & Businesses

Mike Vlasic has an extensive track record of creating, leading, guiding and managing successful business and investment ventures. Included are his real estate development firm, MAVDevelopment; the family investment cooperative, which returned approximately half a billion dollars in gains during his tenure as managing executive; several very successful oil and gas start-ups; and many other enterprises.

Extensive Equity, Board, CEO and Management Experience

Mike Vlasic has a broad and diverse resume of experience in equity, board-level, C-suite and management roles. Through his multidimensional experience and perspectives, he has developed special insights into how businesses and organizations function, and he has honed his ability to identify, plan, direct and communicate the optimal pathways to success.

Exceptional Education, Training and Mentoring

From a young age, Mike Vlasic was exposed to and embraced a culture of personal and professional achievement. After being raised in a highly successful family business, he graduated from Brown University and earned his MBA from the University of Michigan, where he gained valuable tools and analytic skills. Throughout his career, he has worked with distinguished business and investment leaders, enabling him to assimilate widely ranging strategies, insights and approaches that have shaped his ability to achieve exceptional and sustained success.